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SAP Business One Upgrade services executed correctly the first time by Clients First Business Solutions . We created our SAP Business One Upgrade group soon after it was released in the United States. Over the years we have implemented hundreds of Business One systems for a variety of companies and industries. Our Business One Consulting team started with the earliest versions all the way through to the most recent one which is SAP Business One 9.0. Clients First uses an exclusive methodology to ensure a seamless process. Here are the benefits to our clients:

We perform a pre-analysis to see what SAP Business One add-on’s, modifications, third party components, integrations and infrastructure you have in your current ERP environment and determine how they should be handled. By doing this analysis upfront, it minimizes unexpected ‘surprises’ that often occur during Business One Upgrade migrations.

How long will my SAP Business One Upgrade Take ?

If SAP Business One upgrades are done properly system downtime is minimal. Most can be done in a matter of hours, overnight, with customers ready for business the next morning.  If you are using our EverSafe! Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solution, it can be used as a Virtual Test Bed to ensure we know exactly how SAP Business One will operate, after the upgrade.

Migrating add-ons and pre-existing upgrades to your SAP installation ?

We go through a Pre-Upgrade Analysis process. This engagement allows us to review all of the core screens of your SAP system and find out where changes have been made from the standard Business One product. We review all dashboards, alerts, workflows, Crystal Reports and XLReporter reports you may be using as well. We review your user defined fields, validations, queries and logic involved as well as what third party solutions are installed and used.

Then for all the areas we see that differ from the ‘stock’ SAP Business One Upgrade  solutions, we go through a series of questions with you:

Are the changes we’ve found, or add-ons that are installed, now replaced by native functionality in SAP Business One. An example might be that version 9.0 now provides for true multi-bin functionality but you may have been using a 3rd party add-on previously to handle this. Are the modifications even used anymore? We have found many customers who thought they needed functionality, later decide it isn’t necessary or used. This is especially common around reports. Why pay to upgrade functionality and reports that nobody even uses anymore?

There are times we will find that existing third party enhancements or modules will no longer be necessary post upgrade.  Perhaps that functionality is native in the system such as the new Bin Allocations feature (Multi Bin), or that it’s simply not needed anymore due to business changes.  We’ll then assist you with converting your old data into the new functionality where applicable and go through training and testing to ensure it works as expected relative to your needs

If the modifications are going to be moved to the new version, we typically use the latest virtualization technology to test out the upgraded versions in a full system that has no effect on your day to day operations before ‘flipping the switch’ and using the new version.

While we are working on your SAP Business One Upgrade, simultaneously our consultants are working with your team to ensure they are aware of all the new functionality in the latest version.  SAP typically publishes a “What’s New” document for each significant release.  Here is an example ‘What’s New’ Document that we created by summarizing the details at Clients First.

Once you are aware of What’s New with SAP Business One, we can now mutually decide which of this functionality applies to your business.  We then use our normal Consulting and Implementation methodology via our SAP Business One Services to implement these features into your organizations.

We fully document all changes. The primary reason upgrades on system’s we didn’t originally implement can be difficult is that many SAP Business One Consultants don’t properly document what they did. Or sometimes changes are made by power end users at the client. Modifications and changes often occur over time and seem ‘small’ but in aggregate get to be fairly complex and intertwined into your SAP Business One operations.

 SAP Business One Upgrade Facts

As a common practice, we recommend not letting your Business One applications get to be more than two versions old.  It’s easy to ‘kick the can’ down the road on upgrades, especially if there isn’t a compelling new feature you need but there are many reason to stay current.

  • For each version you skip, it gets more expensive for the next upgrade due to the amount of change occurring.  It makes the cost of upgrades become larger and larger and may become so high that you now feel trapped in your current version.  If you kept investing in your solution a little bit every year or two, the ‘bite’ will be much smaller each time.
  • Microsoft is continually release new operating systems.  There is no guarantee older versions of Business One will work on newer operating systems, be it Server, SQL or workstations.  Do you want your business trapped in older IT infrastructure just because of your ERP solution?  You may not even have a choice.  Perhaps your server dies, you can only purchase fairly current OS’s when you replace it.  That may make the need to upgrade an emergency which is not something you want to have to deal with.
  • You are paying annual maintenance.  The primary purpose is so you can get the latest features and technology that SAP is investing millions to deliver.  Why not take advantage of what you’ve already paid for by upgrading Business One.

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